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My name is Rie, I am a Danish woman, 28 years of age. I live and breathe for animals, traveling and reading books and blogs.

I hold a Masters in Biology with a specialization in zoology since 2018.

I currently work as a consultant in Denmark in one of the biggest international private service firms, and I am part of the environmental department in East Denmark.

Since I was 19, I have traveled to Africa, Asia, Central America and extensively in Europe – and there is still so much to discover out there!

When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming a vet for domestic animals. Despite all my struggles, I didn’t get the straight A’s I needed in highschool to pursue veterinary studies.

I was however still fascinated by nature and it’s mechanisms, the drivers of evolution, and strategies such as altruism and mutualism.

I decided to study more broadly in Biology about evolution, East Africa, genetics and zoology, and applied for my BSc’s in Biology instead. During the first two years of my undergraduate studies I grew more and more fond of birds.

This is my personal blog about my experiences abroad and my recommendations for you as a traveler. As I work full time as a consultant in Denmark my blog is purely done in my spare time. I hope that some of you might find some inspiration from my posts 🙂

I believe in sustainable and conscious traveling.

So far, my biggest accomplishment in life was traveling solo in Kenya in 2016, when I spent two full months collecting data for my Masters Thesis and spent Christmas alone in Mombasa! I lived with a family in the Taita Hills for a total of 6 weeks and lived the simple life. And I loved it.

I have volunteered with rescued animals in Thailand and Guatemala, and I hope my posts will inspire more people to work with wildlife for amazing organizations helping to rescue and rehabilitate animals, which have fallen victim to the illegal wildlife trade.

This site will be continually updated with travel content as I am working on some previous experiences. I am not sponsored, everything I share such as products or links are my own honest opinions bought with my own money.

If you want to reach me, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram and I will reply as soon as possible 🙂

For professional inquiries please find my mail at the contact page.

Yours truly,

// Rie

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