My gear

A list of my gear. Some are old, some are new. Same for all is, none were sponsored! Living in Scandinavia calls for thicker, heavier gear, which is contrasting with my tropical travel life.

Clothes for adventurous times

  • Hard shell jacket
  • Water and windproof winterjacket
  • ‘Field pants’ / trousers (lightweight and zip-off is a plus in the summertime!)
  • Buff (merino wool)
  • Wool t-shirts
  • Wool socks (Smartwool is what I use)
  • Hiking socks (Falke is nice)
  • Icelandic sweater (essential item when living in Scandinavia, especially if you love the outdoors and if you have a degree in Biology if you ask me 😉 )

Falke has some really great hiking socks that are ideal for summer use. They are called TK 2 Cool and are thick on the toes and heel, but thin on the upper foot and ankle.

I love my merino smartwool socks. They are great for my offshore work where I am wearing heavy safety boots and also for birding and hiking in the winter time.

In general, wool is the best material I have befriended. I recently changed my polyester sports clocthes that I usually wore on hikes with merino wool t-shirts and sweater and wow… just wow. You can wear it for days before you need to wash it 🙂

Black is kind of camouflage, don’t you think?

My boots

Newest purchase from Lowa Mauria GTX

I recently got myself some new hiking boots. I was curious about leather boots, as I have only had synthetic GoreTex boots so far.

I also recently purchased a pair of new Salomon hiking boots. I admit that the boots from Lowa are overkill for hiking in Denmark. It is more for alpine hiking or Northern Scandinavian hikes. I am excited to again have Salomon GTX boots, as my late pair was used with much appreciation in Kenya, Thailand and Georgia last year.

Review to be published.

My backpacks

Backpacks are like family. They stay with you all the time, and they can drive you nuts on vacations.

Honestly, I have one too many packs. Despite saying that, they all have a purpose. None of them were mistakes, I swear!

In the photo below we were leaving Vienna to go hiking in Slovakia for a week. The large backpack was never with me on the hike, only the little backpack from JW, which is intentionally a cycling pack, was my trusted steed on these hikes.

Double back-packing is very convenient for interrailing! Photo from Vienna->Slovakia

My large backpack from Vaude was used in South Africa (2012), Thailand (2015), Kenya (2016), Slovakia (2018), Central America (2018) and probably more places :). The large pack is 70 litres, my smallest is 25 litres. For day tripping I use the one below for hikes or a smaller 35 liter pack for my birding gear, water, snacks etc.

My newest addition to the ‘flock’ is a Deuter backpack model Futura Vario 45+10 SL. I needed something between a daypack and a large backpack that I could bring for short hikes. I recently used it on a two-day hike here in Denmark, and the size of the pack was perfect for a small hiking trip without tent, sleeping bag and cooking gear etc..

My poles

I swear to hiking poles on mountain hikes. I will never go without again! Hiking in high elevation is extremely hard on my body, and all the stress you put into my feet, knee etc. is now relieved with the poles. I am currently using these from Manfrotto.


Miscellaneous items

  • Packing cubes: Eagle Creek, 3 sizes
  • Travel towels (different brands)
  • Lock (easily locking stuff away in hostels)
  • Head Lamp (essential for camping and hiking trips)
  • PacSafe pouch for valuables (slash-proof, metal wire, used for hostels, camping) found here
  • Money belt (hidden under clothes)
  • Toiletry bag for camping, offshore.. Mine is from Eagle Creek
  • Powerbank (I need a solar driven one, any suggestions let me know in comments)
  • Hydration pack 3 liter OR Nalgene water bottle 1 liter

// Rie

Tiny warbler from wetlands outside Hopkins, Belize